Maintenance Request

There are two types of maintenance requests, non-emergency and emergency. It’s important to understand what qualifies as an emergency. Below you’ll find a list of some things that qualify as an emergency.

If you are experiencing any of the maintenance emergencies listed below or notice anything that may cause harm or injury to a person or damage to the building, please call us immediately at 608-227-2550.

  • Refrigerator / Freezer not cooling
  • Only toilet not flushing / clogged – If water is overflowing, try to turn off water shut off valve.  The valve is located under toilet and is mounted on the wall.  Please turn valve to the right.
  • Water leaks or floods – Place container under leak.
  • No heat from October – April
  • No air conditioning (June – August when outside temperature is over 85)
  • Door won’t lock / unlock
  • Anything that may cause harm or injury to a resident or building
  • Fire or smoke – CALL 911 and 2550 Apartments: 608-227-2550
  • Natural gas smell – CALL MG&E at 608-252-7222  and 2550 Apartments: 608-227-2550
  • No Electricity even after breakers and GFCIs have been checked by tenant

                                                                       For Apartment Lock Outs call Bill’s Key Shop at 608-256-2556